We are BIO – The harvest in 2021

About 550 Olive trees of different age and variety are producing our very special olive oil of extra virgin quality. We do not water our trees at all, so they have learned to survive also through very hot summer with their deep roots, though in this case, they do not produce too much oil or none at all in years of drought. We emphasize our ecological method of production, so that wild animals and plants are not harmed. We keep their habitats as pure and untouched, as possible. Dead trees of value are left for animals to live in. Bats, dormice, little owls and other birds often choose wholes in old stems done by the green woodpecker frequently as their home. Furthermore almond and carob trees are growing among olive trees and therefore the production area is no monoculture. We do not look for quantity, but quality.
We sell our products through our company “Finca Foyeta de Tur S.L.”, located in Spain. You can buy almonds, olive-oil, wild rosemary and olive-leave-tea. Our employee Carlos takes care of the land and the tree and the vegetable garden as well as of our guests.
Middle of October, when the olives start to ripen, we are harvesting the fruits, mostly the species Arbequina, Manzanilla, Cornicabra, Blanquetta, and also some wild olives, the Acebuche. Harvest is done by hand, combing the olives from the branches into a net with special devices. Then bad ones are sorted out and the lot is taken to the press next morning. This guarantees the freshness and quality of the oil. We do not want the fruits to oxidize.

The gentle cold extraction of the oil is done in a small modern steel mill. The oil flows directly into big 16-l-glass bottles, from where again it is poured into steel tanks. The oil then is slowly decanting for three months in an oxygen-free and dark environment. After this time, we fill the oil into small, dark bottles, without filtration, because we believe, that it will not only loose his special aromatic properties, but also vitamins.

Our friends and many helpful hands work together to produce the finest olive oil. The work in the fields obviously releases amounts of endorphins as well as talents: Some people start singing while picking in the trees and altogether each year we experience a great atmosphere of happiness.Also because our cooking lady does her very best to create first class meals every day to keep the spirits up! We pay all those wonderful helpers with olive oil, almonds and great organic food. Harvest time is very special and so are our friends!Science lately found out, that olive-leaves hold the same properties like olive oil. Spanish people knew it all along. We now offer the tea made out of dried young olive-leaves, being picked and selected by hand in June. We clean them and dry them carefully. The tea should be boiled for 2 -3 minutes and then sit for 10 more minutes. First the tea will be blue greenish, then turns into a rusty red. It taste very mild, not bitter at all and has a nutty flavor. Oilanalisis 2022

Our almond trees are of various old local species, some trees are more than 50 or more years old. Their almonds are not as big and juicy as the Californian kind popular nowadays. As we do not water the trees, they can survive even very hot summers and the almonds have a very intense sweet flavor.

We harvest our almonds around middle of August early in the morning and in the evening to avoid the heat of the day. With long canes of reed the branches are carefully clapped, how it was done since ever. The almonds fall down into the nets, from where we collect them. We then take off the thin and dry outer skin, before drying the almonds with the shell in the shade. Only if they sound like a rattle when we shake them, they are dry enough to be filled into jute bags. Almonds can so be stored for at least two years without loss of quality. Our almonds also can be acquired at the finca.