When renovating the buildings we made sure to only use ecological clean substances. The doors are impregnated with natural oils, the walls are all painted with burned lime, metal doors in the house are painted with water solvent acrylic paint without dissolvent.
We do not use insecticides inside the house (and also not outside). We believe in mosquito nets and window screens, as well in using natural oils and repellents and we only use eco products for cleaning the house.
The historical cistern behind the house can contain up to 50 cubic meters of water or more. The water originates in Castalla, about 50 km away, from a well. We are also collecting rainwater from the roofs and store it in a tank behind the house. In spite of and because we sometimes have no rain all summer long, we consider water as being very precious and don’t waste any. We want to prevent, that the ground water level of the province does sink even more.

Plants and animals are fellow beings that have feelings like us. We appreciate their presence! A lot of rare animal- and plant species and also the common ones live and grow around the house. We welcome all of them and are respectful towards their lives. We do not treat our olive- and almond groves with insecticides as we trust in the natural enemies of so called vermin. We use pheromones and tramps and practice a sustainable agriculture.
Wasps are important helpers on the land. Around the house, we feed them with fruit marmalade and thus lure them away from the breakfast table.

As we sometimes have exiting sightings of animals near the house, we do not have TV-reception at the finca. Our philosophy: Holiday is a time-out of everything, deflecting the attention away from the essential, which can make a significant change in Life. Here you got the chance to see and hear again, a crisp sound, the wind in the pine-trees and to get in touch again with your own basic sensations.

Even being bored is a way to remember the passion of being creative and not only getting passively entertained through some media device. There are possibilities like even helping with the olive- or almond harvest, learn how to use the esparto gras to make baskets, to study the plants for example. Or guests can discover the Spanish kitchen and learn how to do Paella, how to make an Ailoli-Sauce with garlic, lemon and oil.
A special candlelight-dinner can also be arranged on our private terrace, if one does not feel like cooking all the time.

At this place high above the world you can unwind completely and also just do nothing at all. As nearly everybody, who comes here, has a deep and sound sleep with vivid dreams from the first day on, the danger is real that one does recover and relax in the end!